A lively Small and Medium-sized Enterprise (SME) sector is an imperative element for a solid market economy. SMEs assume a significant part in the political economy, assisting to promote and strengthen reforms. There are about 44 million MSME units in India which contribute 45% of the India’s manufacturing output, account for about 35 % of our exports, and provide employment to more than 59 million people in the country.

 The continuing development, intensity and prosperity of MSME units are complicatedly connected with the wellbeing and development of Indian economy. In the long term, SMEs can create a significant ascent in pay, opportunities and the overall GDP. Assuming the business environment to be helpful and steady to new organizations, they won’t just create more employment yet additionally make a variety of items and administrations for the consumers to choose from.

Where MSME are looking for re-organizing their working capital, make or buy decisions, new investment and return thereof, Chartered Accountants can play a very important role as business solution providers. They are being trained in three-year of thorough training to handle a wide range of challenges and having active experience. Chartered Accountants play significant part in the turn of events and advancement of SME area.

From making exceptional products to offering custom administrations, SMEs are an imperative piece of the financial texture of the world. There are many advantages of SMEs for entrepreneurs, buyers, workers and networks. Small and medium endeavours, as they are additionally known, can do things that can be challenging for larger organizations.

Few of the advantages are listed below:

Close relationship

It is quite possibly the clearest advantage. Medium and particularly small companies will manage their clients, which will empower them to address their issues more precisely and to offer a more individualized assistance, and even lay out some bond with their clients. When you know the business, the client’s connection with the SME will frequently be less difficult as compared to any large organization.CAs can play a significant part for making mindfulness among stakeholders.


As a result of their size and less difficult construction, they will have a more prominent ability to adjust to changes. Furthermore, it will assist them with being nearer to their clients, which will permit them to know the variations in the market before any other individual.

Economic Development

SMEs have the remarkable capacity to fuel economic development. They set out many new job opportunities, drive the trend of advancement and extend the tax base. In most developing and developed economies, more than 90% of SMEs further develop the employment rate. As a matter of fact, when large businesses scale down and eliminate job opportunities, SMEs continue creating and developing more job positions.

Reduced complications in compliance:

At present a normal SME or start up invests a great amount of time and energy to deal with the different kinds of assessments at different places. Recording separate returns under every office, according to the specified courses of events, in itself is a nightmare. Further, businesses like restaurants, which fall under both sales and service taxation, have to calculate both VAT and service tax separately for compliance purposes. GST, by virtue of its unified structure and neat classification of goods and services for the purpose of taxation, essentially wipes out every such entanglement, and most importantly reduces compliance effort and costs.

Adaptable to dynamic environment:

SMEs act as a cushion against recession by adapting and innovating as per the changing circumstances. SMEs adapt fast to the dynamic business world by switching on to e-commerce and online transaction of goods and services. The progression in innovation has not just eased out the method involved with selling and purchasing, it has assisted the people with reducing expense on promoting and showcasing as well. The different online business platforms make life simple for SMEs.

CA professionals can play pro-active role in creating awareness entry into ready and big market of supplying to Ministries, departments and CPSUs through procurement policy; motivating and facilitating SMEs in registering under SPRS; by filing forms on behalf of SMEs and facilitating pre-registration capability audit.

Although SMEs have its downsides too, it is just with accuracy and care that the public authority can empower business by making business-accommodating approaches and simple funding options. Liberal arrangements urge prospective entrepreneurs to go all in and create value for themselves as well as society eventually. Chartered Accountants play major and important role in the development and promotion of MSME sector. Do not see a CA professional just for the purpose of audit; a certified Chartered Accountant can be of help in anything from money related issues to business related decisions.

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